Batman By Norm Breyfogle and Alan Grant

In memorial of legendary artist Norm Breyfogle (RIP), I had to share my custom binds of his, Alan Grant’s and John Wagner’s collaborations on Batman.  These comics are some of my absolute favorites.  This era of Batman is such a high peak.  The creative output issue to issue never lags.  Its just that good.  Just about a month ago, due to making a Comfort Food Batman bind and due to @zegas discussing some of these issues, I went back and read/reread all of this material in order.  It still holds up and really puts Breyfogle up there as one of the best Batman artists of all time.  Im extremely sad over his loss.  Im really glad I was able to enjoy all of his Bat work again right before his passing.  The industry and all of us fans will dearly miss him.

I had these ones made years ago.  One of my first ever graphic cover projects.  I knew while assembling them, that I wanted the mini posters by Breyfogle that were included in these comics during that time to be wraparound covers.  Lo and behold, I wasnt the only one with these thoughts.  @comicbindingpro had already made a similar set and graciously shared his photoshop files with me.  All I had to do was some quick tweaks, logo and contents changes and I was off.  I treasure these things soooo much.  The beginning of the run with Grant and Wagner writing is the absolute best part of all this, but you get some real gems even later with The Mudpack, Batman 471, and Shadow Of The Bat 1-5, all personal all time favorites.  Breyfogle’s art astounds me throughout the whole thing.  These people just simply get Batman.  His facial expressions, movements, his characterization.  Its a perfect blend of writer and artist.  Highly recommended.

Contents Include in 2 volumes:

Detective Volume:

Detective Comics #583-597,601-621; Batman #448-449; Secret Origins #44

Batman Volume:

Batman #455-466, 470-471, 474-476; Legends of The Dark Knight #27; Detective Comics #641-642; Shadow Of The Bat #1-5, 13, 65-67, DC Retroactive Batman – The 90s

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