Mister Miracle – 1989

Mister Miracle!! The 1989 second series #1-28 and the JLI Special in one neat little package!  I’m a huge fan of Kirby’s Fourth World and JLI so this series is a real treat for me.  Really fun, silly, action packed run.  I love Scott and Barda trying to make a regular suburban home work.  Some industry titans in this one.  JM DeMatteis, Len Wein, Doug Moench.  Illustrated mostly by Ian Gibson and an artist I really personally enjoy, Joe Phillips.  This was actually one of my first binds a few years back in just regular red Buckram with green font by Houchen.  When I got a little better at this hobby and started making graphic covers, I knew I had to send it back in to be rebound. I had to use that gorgeous spruced up house ad for the series for the cover.  Thats one of the best house ads.  And that Adam Hughes cover for 19 was just too nice not to put as the back cover with the he’s back sign fitting it even better.  Really great series, everyone should hunt down these issues. 

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