Comfort Food Comics: X-Men

Comfort Food Comics – X-Men!!

So this one was a real labor of love.  From the start I decided I wanted to cram in every X-Team book possible into this volume.  My true make me feel all warm and fuzzy, always rereading issues.  I may have gone a little too traditional with the classics, but I love this one.

The Cover:

For this cover I went with my bud @dimaiv-nov again and he really came through for me.  I wanted to really show off some unique or less used X-Characters that I had in the book; so I went with Dazzler for the Outback Era, Asgardian Storm for the Asgard Wars, Meggan for Excalibur, Skin from Generation X, Rogue from X-Men #8 in her specific picnic outfit eating her boysenberry pie, Cannonball from Mike Carey’s original X-Men run, Weapon X from Age of Apocalypse, and Fantomex from Uncanny X-Force.  For the spine I had to use that gorgeous Olivier Coipel cover from the X-Men Gold oneshot, really showing a fun group of mixed X-Eras.  And the Adam Kubert cover from X-MEn vol. 3 41 had to be the back cover, again showing off a huge swathe of X-Eras.

The Contents!

-Uncanny X-Men #1 : Starting off with the origin.  This one is a bland choice but I love that first issue and the roll call and Kirby’s work here.  An undisputed classic.

-Uncanny X-Men #13: Where Walks The Juggernaut! Some people love the Steranko and Adams later issues, but this right here is the best issue of the original run of X-Men.  To be honest I get quite bored with the Silver Age X-Men, but I really love this one.

-Uncanny X-Men #48/57 backup or the reprint True Believers: Phoenix Presents Cyclops and Marvel Girl: This is one of my surprise favorites of the original X-Men run.  When I saw that 48′s lead story and the silly little Jean Grey backup from 57 was going to be reprinted together I had to have it.  A fun little Cyclops and Jean adventure and then the admittedly sexist but beautifully illustrated by Werner Roth, Jean backup.

-Giant Size X-Men #1:  The real start of the X-Men as we know them.  A stone cold classic.  Had to be in here.

-Uncanny X-Men #137: The Fate Of The Phoenix!  The Dark Phoenix conclusion.  Still one of the best issues of all time.  I also included the pages of the alternate ending of if Jean had survived.

-Uncanny X-Men #141/142: Days of Future Past.  Another boring classic but these issues have to be in here.  Too fun and great.

-X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills OGN:  Still a perfect everything you could ever want in one story diluted into one mutant masterpiece.  Again, it has to be here.  Never get tired of these classics.

-Uncanny X-Men #172-173: Wolverine’s wedding.  These have it all.  Rogue and Wolvie handling business.  That gorgeous Paul Smith art.  His highpoint on the title.  Two masterclass issues.

-Uncanny X-Men 183: The one where Juggernaut fights Colossus in a bar.  One of the alltime greats.  Wolvie and Nightcrawler teaching Colossus a lesson about breaking Kitty’s heart.  Had to have some 80′s JR jr. art in here too.

-X-Factor #25: Judgement Day! Probably the best issue of the original X-Factor.  Louise and Walt Simonson straight up murder it here in this big Apocalypse, Angel/Death showdown conclusion.

-The New Mutants Special/ Uncanny X-Men Annual 9: Asgardian Wars:  This is just so good. I never get tired of this one.  Pure 1980′s Marvel crack right here.  Art Adams and Claremont giving us the New Mutants and the X-Men in Asgard.  I could go on and on about this one.  Its hard to pick a favorite X-Storyline but this one may be it!

-New Mutants #53: An offbeat choice. This is a Claremont, Rick Leonardi joint where the New Mutants go to the Hellfire Club and attend a formal with the Hellions.  Its one of my favorite issues.  Its so fun to see Magik scare the hell out of Empath, Cypher gamble and drink, and all the other fun interactions between the rival teams.  One of the best New Mutant issues.

-Uncanny X-Men #244-245:  Ahhhh, the Outback era.  This is my absolute favorite run and favorite era the X-Books have ever done.  Nothing compares to the Outback team.  I honestly couldve just bound that run again and put that as my comfort food bind.  Nailing down which issues to put in was hard but once I realized no Rob Liefeld X-book was included I went with 244 and 245.  The girls and boys nights out.  Silvestri draws panel after panel of masterpieces in 245 as the X-Ladies have a fun night out.  Then early Liefeld and Claremont have a ton of fun in the DC Invasion parody in 245.  These are 2 of the most pure fun X-books youll ever read.

-X-Factor #61: X-Tinction Agenda Part 6:  When I was younger and would read X-Tinction Agenda I remember being blown away how amazing it was to have this crossover of Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld art.  Back then I hated the Jon Bogdanove illustrated X-Factor chapters.  It seemed like such an ugly, talent dropoff.  Through the years though my tastes have changed, I wisened up and I’ve come to absolutely love The Bog!!  I love his version of Cable. The scenes of Wolverine almost dying with Jean in the Genosha cells are so good, and I hope to someday own a piece of original art from this issue.  This is a pure comfort food choice.  I always go back to his drawings of Cable and the page of Jean kissing Wolverine.  Amazing stuff.

-Uncanny X-Men #273: An unsung jam piece that doesnt get the love it deserves.  One of the best issues of X-Men ever.  It brings all the X-Characters together after X-Tinction agenda in a beautifully illustrated transition tale by the likes of: Whilce Portacio, Klaus Janson, John Byrne, Rick Leonardi, Marc Silvestri, Michael Golden, Larry Stroman, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams.  It’s so good and I rarely hear of people discussing it.  Imagine all those artists or similar talent on a regular issue of a book today.  Phewwww this one is good.

-X-Men #1: Everyone knows this one.  The fold out cover/poster. Chris Claremont and Jim Lee usher in the 90s in one of the most classic issues of a comic book ever. The art and story in this one are so much fun.  Those pinups in the back!! Ugh, too damn good.

-X-Men #8:  A Comfort Food Classic.  Rogue bakes a boysenberry pie and the team has a swimming outing.  Psylocke in her bikini, Cyclops perving out, Bishop ruining Rogue and Gambit’s picnic, pies to the face, 90′s Ghost Rider push!  This is a damn fun comic.  It was good when I was 5, its still good now.  The definition of comfort food.

-X-Factor #87: The best issue of X-Factor.  Peter David’s psychiatrist issue.  David boils down each character perfectly in their sessions with Doc Samson.  Still the best comic featuring Quicksilver.

-X-Men #24:  Another classic downtime issue.  Full of 90′s X-Men tropey fun.  Rogue and Gambit romance.  Andy Kubert drawing the hell out of a non action/costume issue.  Its a huge personal favorite Ive loved since I was a kid.

-X-Force #19: the best issue of X-Force.  Fabian Nicieza and Greg Capullo make a solid gold classic of X-Force.  Evolving the team and examining their conflicting methods with Xavier, this one is a wonderful  poignant New Mutants epilogue in a way.  Also Greg Capullo draws the hell out of their insanely 90′s costumes.

-X-Men #30: The wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey.  Another fun downtime, non costume talking heads issue.  Can you tell I prefer the soap opera aspect of the X-Men?  Andy Kubert draws just about every 90′s X-Character in this one.  Its funny, its moving, its extremely charming, its a wonderful issue full of great character interactions.

-Excalibur #43: The best issue of Excalibur, as discussed with @benito-cereno.  The cover is legendary.  The Alan Davis art is extraordinary.  Its a fun issue full of character attraction, punching, and pajamas.  Its extremely good and fun.

-Generation X #1: I am an enormous fan of the Gen X team and title.  I hate how Marvel treated the team and characters after the title’s end.  Half of them dead or been terribly used for years.  Its a damn shame.  It was hard for me to nail down the perfect issue to include.  I almost chose issue #25, but Chris Bachalo, an X-Legend had changed his style so much by then.  I had to go with the intro issue and Chris Bachalo being inked by Mark Buckingham.  It’s just so pretty to look at and is a very fun, quiet team intro/assemblage issue.

-X-Men- Age of Apocalypse Alpha:  I had to include some type of AOA book.  AOA is one of my absolute top X-storylines.  Seeing these alternate versions of our beloved characters is always so fun.  I decided to go with the Alpha issue issue because it gives us a fun revolving view of all the main set pieces and characters with that fun Roger Cruz 90′s style.

-Uncanny X-Men 337: The 90′s X-Men goes through so many crossovers and interconnected storylines its hard to find the perfect encapsulation of the Joe Madureira era of X-Men.  One of my favorite X-artists, I had to include something with him.  Another quiet, non superheroic, talking heads transition issue.  Boy, do I have a type or what?  A very fun, quiet tale post Onslaught of the X-Men picking up the pieces.

-New X-Men #137: Riot at Xavier’s Part 3 – Grant Morrison’s New X-Men is one of absolute favorite comic runs ever.  It got me back into comics after the 90′s and my teen years not caring.  Riot at Xavier’s is the best part of his run, and if I had more space I’d have included the whole story, but #137 is the best issue.  Frank Quitely’s wonderful artwork of Quentin Quire rebelling against the X-Men is some of the best work ever done.

-Astonishing X-Men #1: Joss Whedon and John Cassaday’s title was another one that really brought me back into comics bigtime.  Although the run was marred by delays and petered out, its still a classic.  Nothing quite works as well as the intro issue bringing Kitty Pryde, the costumes and all the nostalgia back with them.  It’s also Cassaday’s best work here in this issue.

-X-Men #192: Supernovas Part 5.  Look guys and gals, If you dont put Mike Carey’s X-Men work (specifically his pre Messiah Complex run with Bachalo and Humberto Ramos) with Claremont’s best, Morrison and the rest of the best of the best, then I very much so question your tastes and opinions.  Carey hit like a godamn bomb on the X-Men title and crafted some of my favorite X-Stories of all time.  Again due to space I’d have put the whole Supernovas arc in, but went with just part 5 which is when Rogue fully gets her handpicked team together(still one of the all time X-Rosters) and takes the fight to The Children.  Do not sleep on this run, it is legendary.

-New X-Men #42-43: New X-Men by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost is another one of my up there with Claremont legendary runs.  It is my favorite X-Babies team and I revere this run.  These are the 2 best issues of it directly before the Messiah Complex crossover.  We get two quiet, moody issues of the team all hanging out in the mansion getting their shit together, dealing with drama or romance or powers.  Following my trend of having character interaction filled quiet transition issues, this may be my favorite one.  Skottie Young delivers some unique, amazing art for these ones.  Not to be missed.

-X-Men #207:Messiah Complex Conclusion – This late 2000′s era of X-Books all had amazing talent and such good titles.  Messiah Complex threw them all together into what is probably my favorite “X-Over” ever done.  I remember following this weekly crossover with an insane fervor.  I had to know what was coming next!  This is the Bachalo drawn ending and gives you that Comfort Food feeling of a truly great story finishing.

-X-Force Vol. 3 #7: Kyle and Yost continue their excellent X-writing in this post Messiah Complex title.  Jeez, another quiet team member hanging out transition issue??  I guess I just only want X-stories where we deal with the characters hanging out and dealing with all their drama.  Mike Choi joins as artist bringing in New X-Men kid Elixir to the team in a beautifully illustrated highlight of this run and another Comfort Food classic.

-Uncanny X-Force #1: Ahhhh Rick Remender.  How I wish he’d come back and write all the X-Books again.  This was a book I had no excitement for and it completely surprised me with how much of an impact it had.  The whole run is filled with stories, characters and moments I love, but I think this Jerome Opena drawn intro issue with the Apocalypse as a kid last page reveal is what stands out the most.

-Uncanny X-Men Vol.2 #1: Kieron Gillen and Carlos Pacheco relaunch Uncanny X-Men.  For me, Gillen is one of the best X-Scribes ever.  He’s one of the few writers who really gets the characters.  I have never liked Cyclops really, and Gillen made him one of my favorite characters.  This team roster is one of the most powerful and one of the best ever assembled.  This intro issue of them all coming together in this new relaunched series with the extras and things to come pinup had to be included.  This is the last time the X-books were truly great.

And thats that! Share, like, reblog.  Hit me up if you agree or disagree or what youd put in your own book!

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