Comic Book Binding – Grant Morrison’s Action Comics

Hey! You know who writes a pretty damn good Superman? Grant Morrison. I know, I know. A really spicy hot take there. But for real, as he always is, Grant is a master on Big Blue. Today we are highlighting a run that often seems to be a fever dream to me. Did it ever really happen? Did we all collectively dream it? DC pretty much wants you to think so.

Part of the New 52 DC Univers reboot, Grant came up with a run that would feature this new Superman’s established origin, well before the current publishing line’s Superman. It’s brilliant, it’s timeless, it speaks so much on the history of the character and what he means as a symbol for the times while also dragging the character into the modern day. Its a huge reinvention of the titanic myth of Superman for a new age. Sadly, it didnt last. No other book ever really tied in or took it into consideration.

Morrison gave us a new Superman hearkening back to his Golden Age roots. A big brother we can all count on that will take on the billionaires, the wife beaters, any problem people face, no matter how big or small. Morrison reinvents the Legion, the 5th dimensional imps, what Superman means. He gives us a whole new Rogues Gallery with the likes of Nimrod The Hunter, Xa-Du,Vyndktvx, The K-Men, and SuperDoom. All of these are new villains with intriguing new ideas with something to actually say about villainy and their relationship to Superman and comics as a whole. Xa-Du in particularly rules so hard.

Sadly much of this run has been sweeped under the rug or forgotten completely as soon as DC moved on (rightfully so) from this younger New 52 version of the character. But it still exists and was just such an amazing comic. It had so many incredibly smart ideas while also being an entertaining cape comic and those are the best Morrison works.

These comics also had some awesome backup stories written by handpicked by Morrison, criminally underrated creator Sholly Fisch. Theres just so much here to love. I HAD to have all of this material custom bound into one big omnibus I can pull off the shelf for those times I want to be inspired by the timeless good guy in a t-shirt and jeans with a cape tied around his neck.

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