Comic Book Binding – Electric Superman

Hey, you know what’s good actually? Electric Blue Superman! Nowadays mostly a small relic of a bygone era that is often mocked, the Electric Blue Superman comics are a really fun, interesting time for the character. I assure you, most people that mock it are stuffy traditionalists or people who have never really read it all. Is it perfect? No. Is it a permanent change I want? Also no. But is it an underrated unfairly vilified chunk of comics? Hell yes. I had to put everything from this era into 3 big fat custom bound hardcovers!

This era has a murderer’s row of comic legends creatively guiding Superman’s transformation for the 21st Century. Youve got an all star team of writers: Superman stalwart Dan Jurgens, the most underrated comic writer ever- Roger Stern, quietly amazing David Michelinie and Louise Simonson, also criminally underrated Karl Kesel, and Stuart Immonen who not only draws some gorgeous art but he also writes a huge chunk of this. Speaking of art we get some career work from again one of comic’s most underrated talents, the master – Ron Frenz, Jon Bogdanove who ups his game to a beautiful blended style of his own unique art, Kirby and the best animated cartoons, and the ever consistent work of Paul Ryan and Tom Grummett – two CFC faves. Those are some of the best names to ever grace this industry so I assure you they dont just lay a goose egg here.

Most people complain about how radically this changed Superman and I dont diagree but I give them a lot of credit for putting in the effort to revolutionize Supes for a new digital generation of fans. Now changed into a being of pure energy, he puts himself into a containment suit and comes equipped with brand new powers. Gone were his traditional powers and in place a new electrical set to power him forward into the modern age. Instead of flying, he could “zap” his electrical form wherever it had to go, almost like teleportation. Instead of the X-Ray and super sight, he now could see radiation, wavelengths and spectra while also shooting energy bolts from his eyes. The most exciting one was the catch all “Electron Manipulation” which much like Marvel’s Magneto gave him the ability to do pretty much anything he could think of with electrons – tractor beams, forcefields, repelling power, electric energy punches, morphing his size, shape and appearance, electromagnetic manipulation, all manner of electro energy bolts and strength, intangibility, solid energy field, computer, internet and CD symbiosis where he could access harddrives, the internet, and all manner of information just by melding into it, energy absorption & dispersal, self healing, self duplication, and dimensional teleportation. Dude was STACKED!

As you can tell by reading that bloated paragraph, this was A LOT. And obviously it didnt really set the world on fire. They tried their hardest to make it work and I honestly believe this stuff is really strong, like most of the huge 90’s Triangle era of Superman. A lot of it is very embroiled in the long running plots and status quo of the 90’s but they go full on Jack Kirby in the middle of it and its the most “Fourth World” the Superman comics have ever been since the King was on Jimmy Olsen. Most of it is all one huge continuing story so I wont go into specific little arcs you should check out, because you should just read it ALL in order. Whatever you do, dont skip the Pulp annuals, love those ones! Eventually they do an homage of the old Superman Red/Blue story and give us two energy Supermen and things get weird and the writing is on the wall. Untenable at this point and honestly not the take DC or fans seemed to love for the coming Millenium, they do a mega crossover involving mythic Titan monsters and find a way to reset the status quo.

So what’s in this 3 volume set? Here are my in order maps:

1997-15. Superman #122
1997-16. The Adventures of Superman #545
1997-17. Action Comics #732
1997-18. Superman: The Man of Steel #67
1997-19. Superman #123
1997-20. The Adventures of Superman #546
1997-21. Action Comics #733
1997-22. Superman: The Man of Steel #68
1997-23. Superman #124
1997-24. The Adventures of Superman #547
1997-25. Action Comics #734
1997-26. Superman: The Man of Steel #69
1997-27. Superman #125
1997-28. The Adventures of Superman #548
1997-29. Action Comics #735
1997-30. Superman: The Man of Steel #70
1997-31. Superman #126
1997-32. The Adventures of Superman #549
1997-33. Action Comics #736
1997-34. Superman: The Man of Steel #71
1997-35. Superman #127
1997-36. The Adventures of Superman #550
1997-37. Action Comics #737

1997-38. Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #9
Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #6
Superman Annual #9
The Adventures of Superman Annual #9
Action Comics Annual #9
1997-39. Superman: The Man of Steel #72
1997-40. Superman #128
1997-41. The Adventures of Superman #551
1997-42. Action Comics #738
1997-43. Superman: The Man of Steel #73
1997-44. Superman #128
1997-45. The Adventures of Superman #552
1997-46. Action Comics #739
1997-47. Superman: The Man of Steel #74
1997-48. Superman #128
1997-49. The Adventures of Superman #553
1997-50. Action Comics #740
1997-01. Superman: The Man of Steel #75
1998-02. Superman #131
1998-03. The Adventures of Superman #554
1998-04. Action Comics #741
1998-05. Superman: The Man of Steel #76

1998-06. Superman Red/Superman Blue #1
1998-07. Superman #132
1998-08. The Adventures of Superman #555
1998-09. Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #10

1998-Special: Superman Secret Files #1

1998-Special-2: New Year’s Evil: Mr. Mxyzptlk

1998-10. Action Comics #742
1998-11. Superman: The Man of Steel #77
1998-12. Superman #133
1998-13. The Adventures of Superman #556
1998-14. Action Comics #743
1998-15. Superman: The Man of Steel #78
1998-15.1. Aquaman #43
1998-15.2. Challengers of the Unknown #15
1998-16. Superman #134
1998-16.1 Teen Titans #19
1998-16.2 Supergirl #20
1998-17. The Adventures of Superman #557
1998-17.1. Steel #50
1998-18. Action Comics #744
1998-19. Superman: The Man of Steel #79
1998-20. Superman #135

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