Comic Book Binding: Superman by Geoff Johns & Kurt Busiek Volumes 1 & 2

We have here a hot slice of Comfort Food Comics goodness in this 2 volume set of custom bound hardcovers. Some of my earlier binds I had to take the era where Kurt Busiek and Geoff Johns were writing the Superman books in tandem. It is a wonderful era with some of my favorite comics ever published.

So whats in these you ask? Lets dig into the contents. The publishing order in this era is an enormous mess, but let me try to show you how I made it palatable. Here is my in order map:


Superman: Secret Origin #1-6

Up, Up, and Away
Superman #650
Action Comics #837
Superman #651
Action Comics #838
Superman #652
Action Comics #839
Superman #653
Action Comics #840

Action Comics #841-843

Action Comics Annual #10

Action Comics #844-846, #851 and Action Comics Annual #11.

Superman #654-664,667 and Superman Annual #13(Main Story)


Action Comics #850

Action Comics #852-#854

Superman #665-#666

Superman #668-#670

Superman Annual #13(Backup Stories)

Superman #671-#675

Action Comics #855-#870

“Friday Night In the 21st Century” from Action Comics #900

Phew! A lot of stories where continuity doesnt mesh, delays were aplenty and storylines are randomly continued in later issues as well as bounce between both titles. Its not perfect but this read order should be the best as far as I am concerned.

These two custom bound books are real treasures for me. You can find so many essential Superman stories in these.

Secret Origin is yet another prestige miniseries to fully lay out the in continuity origin for Superman by Johns. It didnt stay very long until the New 52 came and invalidated it but its a powerful, charming story. Dont write it off just because its another origin retelling.

Superman #654 is an alltime favorite single issue which I go way more in depth on HERE

The Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes storyline in Action Comics 858-863 is what made me fall in love with the Legion as well as make me fall even further in love with Superman. Its one of the greatest storylines ever in comics.

The Camelot Falls storyline by Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco is a beautifully illustrated unique tale that deals with magic, aliens, Superman’s humanity and problems he cant just punch away. Its a very different kind of Superman story that is incredibly interesting, veers more dark, more horror skewed and will stick with you for a long time afterwards

“Friday Night In the 21st Century” from Action Comics #900 is a wonderful 3 page anniversary tale I dive deeper on HERE

Really you can pick any issue or story contained in the map above and youre going to have a great time and a great read that will absolutely make you a Superman fan for life.

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