The Sensational Sartorialist #2 by DW

Yes, I am well-aware we are essentially halfway through January and this is a Christmas one-shot but ya know what? The holidays are a lot, okay? You’re in for a real treat with this one, too. I’ve enlisted my best friend and CEO of Loving Jennifer Walters, BK. Since the one-shot is only 8 pages, I thought it would be fun to have a fellow Shulkie fanatic to weigh-in for this piece. 

First things first, let’s talk about these eight pages! This is the first instance we get of Shulkie doing her breaking-the-fourth wall bit we’re more accustomed to in the ongoing series. It starts with our delightful heroine lamenting her boredom on Christmas Eve. 

She really only wears this one outfit the entire one-shot, but it’s a great outfit. Extremely 80’s and to his credit, Byrne really nailed this facial expression. The contrast between her white skirt, marigold socks, fuchsia sweater, green skin, and green hair makes Shulkie even more striking than usual.

She-Hulk ends up calling her old pal. Ben Grimm for some advice and entertainment. Of course, in true John Byrne is the Worst fashion, Ben Grimm’s Jewish identity is non-existent. Which really sours how much I genuinely love the look of how Grimm is drawn and shaded in this story.

The rest of the story plays out like a fun Marvel comics iteration of Dear Sister with her having a run in with Doctor Doom, only to have it actually be Magneto once Doom is defeated. However, when Magneto is defeated, she ends up defeating Magneto only to find out that gasp Galactus awaits her outside! The story ends with some classic meta-humor with a side of Christmas cheer. I love these last few panels entirely because of the really fun panel breaking and composition going on in the leftmost margin.

Now, without further ado, HELLO BK! Tell me, what about this one-shot did you like the most? 

BK: My favorite part is that it begins with Shulkie looking peak 80s, complete with the big hair and white sneakers, only to scream “BOREDOM” and jump out of her white leather chair that looks like it fell off of a Star Trek set. She does what anyone would do in a house full of vinyl and literature, calls her friend… but not just any friend, THE THING, to tell him she is sitting on her “big green duff”. Her big green duff was definitely noticed by the artists, who made sure to add shading to define each duff cheek under her tight white mini skirt. She proceeds to take out Doctor Doom in one punch, whose disembodied armor takes its revenge by ripping her pink, puffy-sleeved shirt. As she struggles to rescue her shirt, it is revealed that Magneto was manipulating Doom’s armor, which our hero Shulkie then uses to effortlessly knock out Magneto. After defeating two of the most powerful men in comic history, Galactus appears, and just when all seems lost, we find out that this has all been the fantasy of one dressed-to-the-nines superpowered green lawyer. Shulkie wishes her dear friend Ben Grimm a Merry Christmas, then hangs up as she spies a present from Marvel. You can spy the duff-accentuating shading here, as she reaches toward the present. She sits down, giant green hair flowing all around her, and finds that Marvel has not sent her a present at all, but comics featuring The Sensational She-Hulk on the cover, which she arguably should have been given regardless of whether it was the holiday season or not. The final shot is Shulkie’s beautiful face in the center of a wreath, wishing us a Merry Christmas and promising to see us in 1989. 

 What about She-Hulk is what drew you to her? Compelled you to cosplay as her?

BK: Obviously it goes without saying that I love how strong and powerful and beautiful and funny she is. Personally though, I have always been very insecure about how muscular I am, especially my arms, and Shulkie is the buffest of the buff and rocks that shit!!!!!!! So if she can I can, which is also part of why I wanted to cosplay her! I have the biceps for it 😂

BK as She-Hulk and DW as Harley Quinn at a superhero night at a local bar.
BK as She-Hulk and DW as Patsy Walker (original civvies designs) at Emerald City Comic-Con 2016.

 What’s your favorite She-Hulk outfit of all time? 

BK: They’re all my favorite.

These are the specific outfits she forwarded to me and I have to say, these are some great picks!

  Pencils & inks by Ron Wimberly, colors by Muntsa Vicente
Pencils & inks by Javier Pulido, colors by Muntsa Vicente
A-Force Issue 3 cover by Kevin Wada
She-Hulk Issue 8 cover by Kevin Wada
Pencils & inks by Javier Pulido, colors by Muntsa Vicente
Pencils & inks by Ron Wimberly, colors by Muntsa Vicente
Pencils & inks by Ron Wimberly, colors by Muntsa Vicente

That’s it for this brief edition of The Sensational Sartorialist! When we meet next, we’ll finally be on the actual first issue of The Sensational She-Hulk. I can feel your anticipation from here and I must say, it’s much appreciated. As for BK? Don’t worry, this won’t be the last you see of her 😉

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