Comic Book Binding: The Sentry

A custom bound hardcover to celebrate the polarizing character The Sentry! This collects every substantial appearance from his debut all the way up to his death in the event Siege. Most of the big stories in here I go in depth on in my rec article of Perfect 10: The Sentry.

This is by far the biggest and heaviest custom bind I’ve ever done. The spine comes in just under a whopping 3 inches, so you know this thing is packed with the power of a million exploding suns.

The Sentry will always be a very irrational favorite of mine. After a hiatus of caring about comics I came back in as a teen and I owe Brian Bendis’ New Avengers relaunch for getting me into following every month by month issue for Marvel. It hooked me instantly and one of the main characters introduced there was The Sentry.

I’d never heard of this character before but this blonde Superman with all the angst and drama and trouble in the Mighty Marvel Manner really intrigued me. I hunted down his original series and became privy to the INSANE behind the scenes publicity stunt of the genesis of the character. Outlined here at #1. All of the unique things that went into this character endeared me to him for life. I knew once I started binding my own books I had to have all his stories in one big brick, so I did just that.

So just what the heck is collected here? Let me share my map with you. This contains all stories that feature old Rob Reynolds from that era including various one page appearances, etc. Here’s a breakdown of issues in order:

The Sentry Vol. 1 #1-5, Sentry/Fantastic Four, Sentry/Hulk, Sentry/Spider-Man, Sentry/X-Men, Sentry vs The Void

New Avengers #1-10

Sentry Vol. 2 #1-8

Pages from Iron Man Vol.4 #9, Issue #10, pages from #11

New Avengers #24

“The Decision” from Civil War: The Return

Mighty Avengers #1-6

Pages from World War Hulk #1-4, Issue #5

Hulk #7-8

Mighty Avengers #9-11

Mighty Avengers #14

The Age of the Sentry #1-6 (The best Sentry comic ever)

Dark Avengers #1-6

Pages from Dark Wolverine #75

Punisher Vol. 8 # 1

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1-2

Dark Avengers #9-12

Dark Avengers Annual #1

Dark Avengers #13-15

Siege #1-4

The Sentry: Fallen Son (This is awful. Don’t read it)

Various misc pages throughout where he pops up once or twice

Not all of these are amazing or anything, but as a completist, I wanted to have the entire experience of following this character through a very nostalgic time in comics for me. For my personal recommendations if you’ve never read anything with The Sentry, again, check out my article Perfect 10: The Sentry.

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