More Scary Comic Stories to Tell in the Dark

Happy Halloween everybody! So this is my second big custom bound collection of spooky comfort food comic favorites. I had to make a second volume. There are way too many great scary comics in this world. Lets get to the ghoulish contents:

Swamp Thing 25-27: The story about the Monkey King & Paul, a young autistic boy Abby is working with at her new job. Paul’s parents accidentally summoned the grotesque Monkey King & it killed them then goes to Paul’s bedroom to nuzzle up to him in this scene which just gets to me bad!

This story has always been one the freakiest ones Ive ever read. The idea of a horrible little animal demon that kills everything else but wants to be like a loving pet to you alone is a chilling thought. I remember I was home alone one day while reading this & I couldnt sleep that day I was too spooked

X-Men Classic 63-A reprint of Uncanny X-Men 159: The infamous Dracula turns Storm into a vampire story. This one is a stone cold classic. Storm preying on the X-Men as Kitty must mount a counterattack. This is another of those Claremont trope stories where the villain desperately wants to hook up with Storm. She uses her strong will to basically say no Dracula I wont kill people for you & I will resist this change to beat him. Its great. I included the Classic X-Men reprint of it because of that gorgeous Mike Mignola cover

X-Men vs Dracula-The reprint of Uncanny X-Men Annual 6 with that Chris Sprouse cover! This is the sequel to Uncanny 159 with Rachel van Helsing. Its not as great as the first story but its a fun X-Men vs vampires story with a lot of twists & turns

Afterlife with Archie 6: Hey, lets do a single issue story full of a Lovecraftian descent into madness where our main character is wed to Cthulhu. Oh and our main character is Sabrina the Teenage Witch. FUCKING PERFECT!

Spidey Super Stories 56: “The Halloween Party” This is a hilarious little story where MAry Jane dresses as Spider-Woman as her & Pete attend a Halloween party where the Green Goblin shows up to steal all the candy. It has the infamous panel of GG reaching into a window to steal candy saying “These sweets..are my weekend treats”. Its a perfect comic.

Action Comics 13: The Ghost in the Fortress of Solitude! An absolutely amazing single issue story by Grant Morrison & Travel Foreman. Not only is it a thrilling story about Dr. Xa-Du, a ghost mummy Kryptonian escaping from the Phantom Zone, its also a story about a boy & his dog that could make you cry! Krypto saves the day & Superman saves Krypto in a heart wrenching tale about the love between a dog & its best friend.

Spider-Man The Short Halloween: Spidey gets knocked out & a drunk partying guy in a Spidey costume takes his place in this hilarious story by Bill Hader, Seth Meyers & Kevin Maguire. Its comedy gold.

Superman 666: An underrated gem of an issue. Its Kurt Busiek & Walt Simonson drawing a demon from Hell putting Superman through all manner of hellish visions & conflicts. I cant stress to you enough how good this comic is.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 24-26: Are you ready for a TMNT story to seriously fuck you up? The River, A story written & drawn by Rick Veitch, dealing with the Turtle’s place in nature has them versus a Leech monster. A regular leech gets ahold of Raphael’s blood & ends up mutating as well, getting stronger & smarter as it keeps attacking Raph for more blood to keep evolving. This story is TERRIFYING! Issue 24 has the leech continuously beat the Turtles as it tricks Raph into giving up more of his blood as he tragically devolves acting like a baby then back into a normal turtle. There is a blood curdling moment where you think a Ranger is here to help & its the leech in disguise, now so smart it can walk, talk & plan.

You honestly are filled with despair thinking Raphael is doomed. Eventually the Turtles confront Bloodsucker, as the leech is now called in his huge monstrous form. During the battle, little turtle Raph bites the leech & starts to take back the mutagenic blood from within the creature. He beats the leech & is restored. IT is a haunting, powerful story.

Superman/Batman 77: One of Josh Williamson’s first DC comics! I LOVE this issue. ITs pure unfiltered fun. You’ll smile throughout this whole issue. A Halloween teamup of Supergirl & Damian vs the Scarecrow. You get them in some really fun costumes too.

Shuck Comics 1: Hallowed Seasonings. Shuck was recommended to me by Benito Cereno awhile back. Its a charming little series about a retired demon dealing with the spirits of the dead. This one specifically is on Halloween. All the Shuck books are endearing & fun.

Superman/Silver Banshee 1-2: A fun little series by Dan Brereton & Joyce Chin that really tries to do more with Silver Banshee and set her up as a fresh new character that could lead her own book. I really enjoy these 2 issues.

Black Magic 29: I love all of Jack Kirby’s old horror stuff, but I really like this one. A man finds out the beautiful woman hes been dating is actually a creature wearing a beuatiful lady suit. Its as wild old fashion tale as youd expect.

Sandman 6: The standalone issue where Dr. Destiny drives 6 people in a diner insane with his brutal, terrifying influence. A really messed up issue.

Monster Size Hulk: A big Hulk oneshot with 4 stories themed on Hulk encountering Marvel’s version of famous monsters. A Hulk vs Dracula short prose story! Hulk teamed up with Frankenstein’s Monster & Werewolf By Night! Goom’s Fairy Tales!

Hellboy In the Chapel of Moloch: Just one of the most solid all Mike Mignola Hellboy oneshots. Ive always enjoyed it & it stood out to me so it goes in here.

Tomb of Dracula 41: The Vampire Hunters have to resurrect Dracula on Halloween. Its another great issue of a not talked about enough classic book.

Batman Li’l Gotham Halloween Comicfest: The Li’l Gotham Halloween story reprinted. This series is one of the best things DC has ever published. A fun little tale of papa Bruce introducing Damian to Halloween

Marvel Zombies Halloween: A young boy named Peter convinces his mother to celebrate Halloween in the Marvel Zombies Universe. A lot of fun with a twist when the mom is revealed to be an old X-Men member.

Generation X 22: The team celebrates Halloween & Emma Frost is attacked by Nightmare! This is a great Halloween night story all beautifully illustrated by Chris Bachalo

Hitman 37-38: Vampires try to take over Gotham during No Man’s Land & Tommy & the boys over at Noonan’s arent having it. A really fun two parter of everyone destroying & eviscerating pompous vampires in the most ridiculous ways.

Marvel Milestones Featuring Blade, Man-Thing & Satana: A catch all reprint issue that has Tomb of Dracula 10, Adventure Into Fear 6 & Vampire Tales 2 reprinted in it. All of these character’s chilling first appearances

Superman 180: Dracula tries to get Superman under his thrall & turn him but the pure energy in his blood destroys Dracula. Its fine, but way too tied into the current ongoing plots to be the story you want it to be.

Nova 22: Nova goes trick or treating with X-kids Armor, Genesis, Kid Gladiator & Nature Girl. Its just as much fun as you’d expect. A highlight of a very underrated run

Herbie and the Spirits: All the Herbie Popnecker stories rank EXTREMELY high for my favorite comics of all time. This one is the usual greatness as Herbie deals with monsters & spirits summoned by an old scientist.

Marvel Premiere 28: The first Legion of Monsters! Im a huge fan of all the various horror & monster characters that populate the Marvel U. This is a team that should consistently have its own ongoing

Iron Man 101-102: Iron Man ends up stranded in the Swiss Alps & taken to Frankenstein’s Castle. There hes forced to duel the Monster after being mistaken for the villain Dreadknight. The Monster & Tony then team up in that classic Marvel manner against said villain.

Ghost Rider 35: My favorite issue of Jason Aaron’s Ghost Rider run. Illustrated by Tony Moore, Johnny Blaze is in Japan fighting a demon called the Skin-Bender who can mold flesh. Looking like a grotesque Sailor Moon, the demon becomes obsessed with Ghost Rider while all he says is “Burn”, enveloping the demon in his hellish flame.

DC Comics Presents 53: Superman teams up with The House of Mystery! A really fun issue where Mr. Mxyzptlk gives people the powers of their costumes. This leads to him luring Superman into the House of Mystery where he transforms kids into monsters & Superman must go through several trials of the House to rescue Lois & the kids. Cain tricks Mxyzptlk into saying his name backwards, wrapping up the story.

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